It is a relief to be back into my routine of hitting he gym. And what is even more of a relief is the fact that I could do a couple miles on the treadmill. Did you read that? Two days after an 11+ mile run I could not only walk without pain but I could RUN. After my last half marathon my knee was in pain for about a week and the half before that my hip flexors were so bad I couldn't go to work.

Progress = achieved.

Hooray for muscles! Hooray for cardio! Hooray for better eating! And hooray for the foam roller. Running buddy Rachel let me borrow hers after our long jaunt when I mentioned my IT band usual acts up after long races. Knock on wood, but after using that son of a bitch roller my IT band is fine! Seriously, when folks warn you that shit will hurt? They aren't kidding. Fucking hurts. But then after a second or two it hurts so good.

So, anyway, to wrap this up my gym sesh tonight was 40 mins weights (arms/chest/shoulders) and 2 treaddy miles. I use my VIP status (read: sucker who pays moreoney) at the gym to plop on the hydro massage bed after each workout. Ten minutes of bliss.

Until next time! I might just show you my muffins. Giggedy.

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