Today hubby and I took a field trip out of town to take care of some business. We did well on our errands and ended up wanting a celebratory lunch. We found ourselves dining at the restaurant inside of Bass Pro Shops.


They serve you bread with sugar on top to ni bble on while you're waiting for your order. So, temptation ahoy! We both splurged a bid and went a little astray, hence the title of this post. It was a pretty DAMN paleo day, in "damn, not so much!" Hubby got a grilled mahi mahi sandwich with fries and I had top sirloin with veggies and mashed potatoes.

In retrospect, we could have done disastrously worse (as when in that area, we usually choose The Hat), so I guess I do need to see the bright side of things and realize that this paleo may be sinking in more than I realized.

Oops, there goes the timer on our dinner (a roast)! Later gators.

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    Who is this chick?    

    So, hi. I'm Christine, 29, and a brand new paleo eater. It seems like I'm easily persuaded by documentaries, as it has driven me to purchase a juicer, a blender, and become a vegan. This time around, I'm going cavegirl and will do my best to live a (pretty damn) paleo lifestyle.


    January 2014