Today was a work function where lunch included a rubber chicken lunch. The bread rolls were least I thought they were. Might have been spectacular because of my attempt to east less processed grain. Anyway...I found myself jealous that a table was able to wrangle a fruit bowl. What?! How did I not make this happen for myself!?! I would have much rather had fruit instead of the mystery (albeit tasty) strawberry cheesecakey moussey dessert thing...that was served with the salads...which I ate after my salad because I was hungry.


Back to the fruit. On the way home I treated myself to a fruit cup, complete with salt and lemon and spicy powder I don't know the real name of. I had instant flashbacks of buying Lucas from the ice cream truck in 7th grade. Hooray for finally getting my fruit fix!

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    Who is this chick?    

    So, hi. I'm Christine, 29, and a brand new paleo eater. It seems like I'm easily persuaded by documentaries, as it has driven me to purchase a juicer, a blender, and become a vegan. This time around, I'm going cavegirl and will do my best to live a (pretty damn) paleo lifestyle.


    January 2014