So even though we have officialized our cruising vacation plans, we're having a hard time remaining a team on this paleo effort. I'm feeling good and am enjoying the challenge. Hubby is not digging this. Last year when he was living a vegetarian lifestyle, he did great. I hated it. Now the tables have turned.

He wants to be done with paleo and go back to eating in moderation. I don't want to give up yet. A least completely. If I do decide to return to a moderation scenario, I need to remind myself to be strict about sticking to exercise plans. And I need to change it up (meaning, I can't just run, I need to lift too!!).

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    Who is this chick?    

    So, hi. I'm Christine, 29, and a brand new paleo eater. It seems like I'm easily persuaded by documentaries, as it has driven me to purchase a juicer, a blender, and become a vegan. This time around, I'm going cavegirl and will do my best to live a (pretty damn) paleo lifestyle.


    January 2014